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We’re Off to High Point Market!

October 19, 2015

We call this a big blast of inspiration! Lauren Benditzy, our junior designer, and I are going to mainline all the latest and greatest in home furnishings from Sunday to Wednesday at High Point Market in North Carolina.

We call this a big blast ofinspiration! Lauren Benditzy, our junior designer,and I are going to mainline all the latest and greatest in home furnishingsfrom Sunday to Wednesday at HighPoint Market in North Carolina.  We’re packing our most comfy walkingshoes because we’ll be browsing through 11.5 million square feet of show spacein 180 buildings housing more than 2,000 exhibitors. Be sure to check us out onInstagram at susan_brunstrum where we will post photos of our favoritefinds.    

Lauren andI plan to touch and feel our way through fabrics, bedding, pillows andupholstery. We’ll be sit-testing chairs, sofas and ottomans and checkingout new furniture and finishes.  This kind of eyes- and hands-on (andseats-on!) inspection is critical when we’re selecting new products to bring tothe studio and making informed recommendations for our clients’ homes.  

We haveanother mission too – we’ll be keeping our eyes open for trends which we willshare in a series of blogs when we return. In the meantime,, theonline interior design community, invited me to be one of three designers tochoose 20 favorites at the market. Click on link below to view my favorites:

For now,we’re just getting pumped for some power shopping!

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