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We Have Our First Winner!

February 2, 2016

Thanks to everyone who responded to our first-ever “Ask Susan” column!

Thanks to everyone who responded to our first-ever “Ask Susan” column! Late last year we invited anyone who had a design problem to submit a request for help to the Sweet Peas Design team and we would periodically select one project for a “virtual” consult.

Today our winner is a wife and mother of “two little red-head daughters” who wants ideas and inspiration for her master bedroom following a major renovation which included the master bathroom. She describes her home as a “cute cottage” in East Lake Bluff. Here’s an excerpt from her email:

“We had the wall paper removed from the master bedroom and I made a quick color choice and am not loving it at all! I do love grey/white/black for colors, and mirrored night stands. I chose Decorator White paint for most of our downstairs and I love it, but I'm open to a different color in the master. I hope you pick me as I'm at a loss and just spent the last eight months remodeling!

Photo Courtesy of Ask Susan winner

Senior designer Beth Kweton handled this one: Let me start by saying how beautiful your master bath project is - very elegant and ‘on point!’ The finishes are quite lovely, and the free-standing tub is something we specify frequently for long, leisurely soaks.

Photo Courtesy of Ask Susan winner

My first suggestion would be to carry that same feeling into your master bedroom. Consider replacing your ceiling fan with a beautiful pendant or chandelier on a dimmer switch so you can adjust the mood.

Photo Courtesy of Sweet Peas Design

You mentioned mirrored night stands, and I think they would be a perfect choice, adding a nice contrast with your wood floors and a bit of “glam” to the space. I love the reflective quality of mirrored furniture pieces.

Photo Courtesy of Sweet Peas Design


Have you thought of reupholstering the wing chair? My eye went directly to the chair- it appears to have good bones and changing the fabric would give it new life. Adding a floor lamp and small accent table next to the chair gives you an instant reading corner.

Photo Courtesy of Ask Susan winner


If your little redheads don’t need rocking anymore, I would find a new spot for that rocker. It’s out of sync with the new romantic-glam look I am suggesting for your boudoir! It appears you may have room for a storage bench too at the foot of the bed where you can store additional blankets, pillows and other linens. For luxurious texture, you could toss a furry throw on the bench or bed, too.

Photo Courtesy of Sweet Peas Design

Regarding paint color – I woulddefinitely go neutral, though I can’t be specific because paint selections arealways made on site where we can consider the natural light, your furnishings,artwork and accessories.

I hope we’ve helped you with your master bedroom makeover!

Have a design problem? Contact Ask Susan! Each month I will choose one space for a “virtual” mini-consultation with the Sweet Peas Design team via this blog, featuring your photos, name and address withheld. Email photos to and include a short description of the room, what you want to accomplish and a little about your lifestyle. Do you have young children? Are you empty nesters? Entertain a lot? Looking forward to hearing from you!





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