Water-based Wellness: Dornbracht LifeSpa

July 8, 2019

Susan's synopsis from the designer-focused Dornbracht LifeSpa presentation- learn how water can affect your overall well-being and how to incorporate Dornbracht's studies in your home.

Matthias Voit, Dornbracht’s head of Elite Interiors and the thought leader behind their new LifeSpa products, flew all the way from Germany to discuss global wellness and happiness with Chicago designers. From the moment he started talking with us, Matthias had me entranced. Why was Dornbracht, a plumbing supply company and manufacturer, interested in my health and happiness? Or the health and happiness of my clients?  Because we all seek wellness and wellness is the fastest growing industry in the world, second only to pharmaceuticals.

Photo via: Dornbracht LifeSpa

Health is the absence of illness and is your own responsibility. It takes self- management. Wellness is the active process in which people become aware of and make conscious decisions and choices to lead a healthier lifestyle. Wellness is an obligation. It is personal. Along with regular exercise, plenty of sleep and a balanced diet, water has a therapeutic effect and can be an important part of a health-conscious lifestyle.

Photo via: Dornbracht LifeSpa

Water in its purest form can be de-stressing, balancing and energizing. What I love about Dornbracht, is that they are fascinated with water. All kinds and types of water: raindrops, flow, pressure, waterfalls, waves and even temperature. But more importantly, how water is integral to your health, individual well-being and life-force energy.

Photo via: Dornbracht LifeSpa

Mattias and Dornbracht have been researching the positive power of water and have used it to develop products that turn your bathroom into your own personal spa. They have products for affusion, massage and creative regeneration. Their water products can be easily integrated into your daily routine.  My next purchase? An affusion pipe!

Photo via: Dornbracht LifeSpa
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