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Using the Swedish ‘Lagom’ in Interior Design

April 13, 2018

Last year was all about hygge (pronounced hoo-gah), a Danish word enveloping the concept of all things cozy. But this year, we’re leaning more towards lagom, a Swedish word that translates to “just the right amount.”

Lagom as a lifestyle is a bit more mindful and reserved. Everything has a purpose and a function. Not too much, not too little.

In a culture that embraces constant noise, social connectivity and tons of stuff, lagom is a way to be more mindful and intentional about your lifestyle, knowing where to draw the line with your time and your belongings.

There are plenty of ways to go about embracing a more lagom lifestyle, but one of the easiest is with your interior design. Here are a few ways to use lagom in your home.

Image via Coco Lapine Design

Keep it simple.

As Marie Kondo’s now-infamous decluttering advice asks, “Does it bring you joy?” If not, then get rid of it. A similar concept is true when it comes to lagom. Everything in your home should serve a purpose or bring you joy. That doesn’t mean you have to live a completely minimal lifestyle, but opulence for the sake of opulence is not the lagom way.

Similarly, your home design should feel comfortable and livable. It’s the core theory of our LivableLuxe™ lifestyle – a home should be as functional as it is beautiful.

Incorporate some history.

Antique and vintage pieces are a cornerstone of lagom design. Whether it’s a family heirloom or something you found at your local antique store, furniture and items with a rich history and deep connection add a bit more of you to your home.

Anyone can buy a ready-made piece, but waiting to find something truly special that you connect with, whether new or vintage, is much more rewarding in the end.

Use neutral color palettes.

For everyday simplicity, use neutral or monochromatic color palettes for walls, floors, window treatments and large furniture pieces. Then find accent pieces, whether furniture, art, rugs, or other accessories that will really make a splash.

Image via the Everygirl

Bring the outdoors in.

Include natural elements like wood, stone, flowers and plants in your home to brighten up the atmosphere and make it feel more peaceful and serene. Natural finishes and organic elements are huge in Swedish design. Plants also help filter the air and can improve mental health and wellbeing.

Will you be embracing the lagom lifestyle this year?

Susan Brunstrum
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