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Travel Guide: Discover Santa Fe

July 12, 2019

Susan's Travel Guide to Santa Fe, New Mexico! Her favorite activities, restaurants, museums and more!

I had forgotten how truly amazing and creatively fulfilling Santa Fe, NM could be. It had been about 15 years since I had spent time in this gorgeous community, a place that embraces both artistry and spirituality.  As a member of Design Trust, Ltd., I attend two symposiums a year and always return feeling energized, ready to charge ahead, knowing that it is time to dig deep and invite inspiration to foster and create change! I have my collaborative partners, the other 24 design CEO’s and those I consider to be my advisory board, to thank for that.  I am grateful that we all share the same passion and our expertise with one another!

After this symposium in late May I extended my stay to five days with another friend and designer, Sharon McCormick so that we could explore and become reacquainted with Santa Fe! We visited the many contemporary art galleries in the Railyard District and Canyon Road District, toured the Georgia O’Keefe Museum and attended the renowned Farmers Market on Saturday morning. Lunch at the Tea House, dinner at The Shed and Geronimo, a tour of Stone Forest ( I am in love with their line of sinks, vanities and exterior sculptures; all of course, hand-crafted from exquisite stone) and an interactive and immersive art experience at Meow Wolf – we accomplished quite a lot!  Meow Wolf reminded me a bit of the Color Factory in NYC but, more wildly eccentric. Or maybe I just needed a few cocktails prior as I had to climb through a refrigerator and then a washer/dryer to get to the next room in the “house”.

Susan Brunstrum
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