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Tough Talk About Tufts

January 22, 2014

Have you seen the crazy new fascination with tufted furniture?

Have you seen the crazy new fascination with tufted furniture?

I’m talking sofas and chairs covered with tufts on the arms, seats and backs – it’s like seeing a gazillion belly buttons!

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Now, I don’t mind a single piece of furniture with a sensible number of tufts, but really, each of those little depressions is a magnet for dust, lint and cookie crumbs. The practical “mom” side of me says ewww!  Who’s going to vaccum the debris out of each of those divots? Not me. And how comfortable are all those buttons on your backside?

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I’m predicting it will be short-lived trend that will quickly leave your furniture looking dated. It may sound like a cliché, but less is really more in this case.

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Still, I do like tufted furniture – within reason  - because it adds some variety and texture to a room.

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I often recommend just one piece of tufted furniture, and ottomans are a great choice.  They have a limited area for tufts, if you get tired of it you can easily replace it and it won’t take all morning to vacuum those cookie crumbs out of little pot holes.

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