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What Every Home Needs: Top 10 Structural Basics

December 14, 2019

What Every Home Needs: Top 10 Structural Basics

1. A good showerhead to start your morning off right

2. A contiguous paint palette of no more than 3-5 colors based on the size of your home for balance, sophistication and harmony

3. Light fixtures of all shapes, sizes and finishes that still maintain an element of consistency

4. Plenty of kitchen counterspace to spread out and prepare a meal

5. A shower niche to hold and effortlessly access all your bathing amenities

6. Closet organizers in your pantry, front hall and back hall closets to contain clutter

7. Low voltage outdoor lighting to make your home exterior look inviting

8. Interior doors with some heft and detail to correlate with other millwork and add continuity to the structure

9. A hardwood floor to act as a grounding element throughout the home

10. Kitchen backsplash tile to add some va-voom to otherwise basic kitchen cabinets and countertops

Susan Brunstrum
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