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What Every Home Needs: Top 10 Accessories Basics

December 5, 2019

What Every Home Needs: Top 10 Accessories Basics

1. Picture frames filled with your latest photos of friends, family or your adventures to always make you smile

2. Crisp bed linens in all your bedrooms for a good night’s sleep

3. A modern piece of art (or two or three) as a nod to what’s to come

4. An antique or family heirloom to save a bit of the past

5. A mirror to reflect your inner self and the beauty within your home

6. A collection of something meaningful to you

7. A tray to corral and contain items on your nightstand and desk

8. Luxuriously soft towels to wrap up in in all your bathrooms

9. Lots of candles in your favorite scent

10. Books, books and more books on any and all horizontal and vertical surfaces as long as they are of interest to you

Susan Brunstrum
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