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Talking Design Trends on FOX 32

January 5, 2018

A warm thanks (on a very cold day) to news anchor Sally Schulze at FOX 32 Chicago!

Susan with FOX 32 news anchor Sally Schultze on the set of Good Day Chicago. Photo courtesy of Anne Kavenagh, MediaPros 24/7

A warm thanks (on a very cold day) to news anchor Sally Schulze at FOX 32 Chicago! It was exciting to dish with her about design trends for 2018 on Good Day Chicago. You can see the whole interview at Design Trends 2018. But here’s a little sample….


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Kitchens are going dark in the New Year – surprise! Navy blue, charcoal, black, forest green and darker stains for cabinets are moving in. (But I still love white kitchens!)


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The design world will be throwing us a lot of curves in 2018 – gotta love it! Sofa and chair arms, headboards, side tables and chair backs will be rounding out our homes. I must admit I am a curvy gal who loves circles and S-curves and curvaceous sports cars!

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Lighting will be more organic – free-form and loose, not structured. People want their homes to be elegant and sophisticated, but not pretentious.


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Stone slabs such as marble and quartzite will be used as works of art, not just for countertops. After all, Mother Nature is the world's most talented artist!

Thanks again, Sally, and stay warm!

Susan Brunstrum
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