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Best Bathroom Trends for 2018

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For most people, the master bathroom is the most important room in a home after a kitchen. As the hustle and bustle of our world continues to get faster, the need for a relaxing sanctuary to retreat to at the beginning and end of each day has become even more important. So, what’s hot and what are people most wanting to incorporate in their master bathrooms? We’ve been seeing six big trends.

Image via Gil Walsh Interiors

Wet Rooms

Wet bathrooms were initially Japanese in design, are currently found throughout Europe and they have been gaining popularity in US hotels. And now, they have caught on in high end residential bathrooms.  A wet room offers a spa-like feel that marries functionality with luxury. They require less cleaning, make the bathroom appear larger, allow for more relaxation and are a bit more minimalist and contemporary in style.

But what exactly is a wet room? A wet room does away with an enclosed shower and step up into the shower (otherwise known as the threshold) and incorporates the entire bathroom, or a large portion of it, including the tub and or sink area. The floor will have a gradient or slope to a central drain. The entire bathroom is designed with materials that can get wet.

Image via Sweet Peas Design

No Tub

It’s no longer necessary for a master bathroom to have a bathtub. If you are short on space or you only “tub” occasionally, enlarge your shower instead! If you do choose to include a tub in your bathroom, a free-standing soaking tub is preferable to a built in tub as it is easier to get in and out of and takes up less space in the bathroom.

Image via Classy Clutter

Curvaceous Tiles

More organic and feminine shapes are taking the place of the hard, stark modern lines that have dominated bathroom design for many years.  Tile patterns that are more curvaceous and intricate in their design. Patterns such as these were previously cost-prohibitive, but many tile manufacturers have added a waterjet cutting machine to their capabilities so more tightly nested patterns are possible in a wide variety of materials such as stone, porcelain and glass.

Image via Sweet Peas Design

Spa-like Means Different Things to Different People

For a long time, when one spoke of a “spa-like” bathroom it meant cool colors, clean lines and modern fixtures. Now “spa-like” means exceptionally personalized. Whether that means clean and sophisticated, or warm and organic, it’s whatever is most relaxing and homey to you.

Image via Kohler


As the rise of home-based technology surges, even bathrooms are becoming high-tech! We’ve been seeing a big increase in technologically advanced bathroom furnishings, such as heated floors, speaker systems, voice controlled faucets, mirrors, tubs and toilets, and even luxuries like a flotation tub or a self-cleaning toilet.

Image via The Sweetest Occasion

Black and Gold

Amp up your bathroom sophistication with matte black plumbing finishes from Brizo and Rohl and gold finishes for lighting, cabinet hardware and or plumbing fixtures also!

What bathroom trends are you loving this year?


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