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“Spotting” A Trends Bathroom

January 16, 2014

Bathrooms Trends magazine spotted something special in the powder room we created for last spring’s Lake Forest Showhouse.

Bathrooms Trends magazine (Volume 30, No. 1) spotted something special in the powder room we created for the Infant Welfare Society's Lake Forest Showhouse last spring.

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Maybe it was those custom-painted walls covered in a beautiful scroll work of 133,000 paint dots! The garden level powder room is featured in a two-page spread in the current issue of the New Zealand-based magazine, which has circulation of roughly 200,000 here and abroad.   Trends says: “This meticulously reinvented powder room nods to the bold eclecticism favored by the original architect (David Adler).”

Thanks to Trends editorial director Paul Taylor and writer Charles Moxham for the opportunity to showcase this unique project and if your're interested in seeing more, check out the movie link below on this project.  It includes additional striking before and after photos!

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