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Snowflakes, Pancakes and Solo Dancing

January 20, 2014

The holidays have been over for weeks but I finally feel like I have decompressed from all the hurley-burley.

The holidays have been over for weeks but I finally feel like I have decompressed from all the hurley-burley. It’s Sunday night and I’m writing this at the end of a lovely weekend in Chicago at my condo where I did “important” things like watching the snow fall all day Saturday through the windows while sipping endless cups of steaming hot tea. Ahhh…

My goal for the weekend: Some quiet time after the hols to rejuvenate and develop goals for the upcoming year for SPD and me personally. Usually I am at warp speed and on high-octane fuel – lots and lots of tea throughout the day and evening. But I wanted some time for me.

Saturday morning I braved the elements for Starbucks and ran into a designer friend. We had a lovely chat over a bottle of wine at my place later in the afternoon. After that enjoyed a late breakfast from my favorite: Original House of Pancakes on Bellevue. Had my go-to sausage patties and Dutch baby pancake with strawberries and bananas all smothered in strawberry syrup. So yummy! Other than that, stayed inside all day wrapped in the peaceful, restful quiet.

Friday night was special – had a delightful dinner with my friend Barb Guido, sitting in the lounge area of Sepia. Did you know it was a 19th century print shop?  I love the ambiance, and it’s no wonder: the sparkling chandeliers, vintage bricks and pampering service envelope you in rough luxe, one of my favorite design looks!

Once I got my Bose Sound link mini in sync with the music on my iPad I was in heaven, dancing around all night (and burning off some calories)! That’s a good thing - during the past few weeks I have turned into a genuine foodie: Paris Club, Hugos, Table 52, Bar Toma, Purple Pig, Sepia, Carmines, Tavern on Rush, Luxe Bar and my kids’ favorite, Big Bowl. Why do I have a kitchen?! I rarely cook when I’m downtown, there are too many fabulous spots to dine and why should I cook for one?

Anybody have a recommendations for where I should go next?

Susan Brunstrum
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