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Share Your Favorite Holiday Traditions!

December 10, 2013

Every family seems to have its collection of much beloved holiday traditions, whether it’s something a little wacky or hilarious, heart-warming or off-beat.

Every family seems to have its collection of much beloved holiday traditions, whether it’s something a little wacky or hilarious, heart-warming or off-beat. At my house we once decided to exchange “as seen on TV” gifts - you know - those clothes dryer balls and Sham Wows and miraculous slicers you see on the tube during the holidays?

This year at Sweet Peas Design we’d love to hear about your memorable family games, present exchanges, the decorations you can't part with or special foods so we can share them with our readers.  Send them to by Friday, December 13, and we’ll put them together and post them here on Tuesday, December 17.  Who knows, you may discover the next best family memory! Here are some more traditions from the Sweet Peas team:

Beth Kweton, senior designer: I have lots of brothers and sisters and we each filled the stockings when we got older.  Each person had a “theme” for their gifts (lottery tickets, candy, underwear, etc.).  We all tried to guess who chose which theme, and one person always received a lump of coal!

Jennifer Tarello, architectural associate: My family makes pizzelles - lots and lots of pizzelles - each year for Christmas.  It’s a tradition that my mom started and I have continued with my husband and kids.  We make a few hundred each year to spread the holiday cheer.  Our family loves making them together, giving them as gifts…and eating them, of course!

Rebecca Snow, junior designer: On my mom’s side, we do a “white elephant” gift every year.  We sit in a circle and my dad reads a story about “Mr. and Mrs. Wright.”  We pass the gift left or right every time he says either word.  Then we open our gag gifts – let’s just say there’s a fruit cake that weighs about 10 pounds from 1982 that someone always gets stuck with…!

Laura Bianchi, public relations rep: Membership in our family requires an initiation by ping-pong and a willingness to play multiple rounds during the holidays with a lot of hilarity. It doesn’t matter how poorly or well someone plays, it’s all about being a good sport and having a lot of fun. In fact, I prefer welcoming people into the family who I can easily beat!

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