Reverse Your Books!

July 7, 2016

Here’s a fast and fun way to change the look of a room and… it doesn’t cost a thing!

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Here’s a fast and funway to change the look of a room and… it doesn’t cost a thing...all it takes is a little time and persistence - turn your books around on the bookshelves so the pages are showing instead of the colored spines. I’m not kidding- this is on-trend right now and we think it’s a fabulous idea, especially ifyou like contiguous color, a neutral color palette or if you want all the color in a room to come from other sources - as in this cheerful family room above.

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Instead of a rainbow ofcolors from the book spines, the uniformly clean white and cream pages are framed by just a little bit of color from the edges of the covers. It could be a way for your kids to track all the books they have read - just turn around the ones that have been completed (above). But reversed books can set a serene mood too, as in the sleek, contemporary space below. It even feels a little mysterious because you have to pull the book from theshelf to see the title.  Perfect for a small or large collection of booksas it makes a big statement…this isn’t the public library!

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Of course, it will bedifficult for you to find a book once they’re turned around, but this techniqueworks well for treasured books you’ve already read and want to keep but don’tneed to locate any time soon.  Who knows, maybe the anonymity of yourbookshelves will tempt someone to browse your collection a little and findsomething good to read, or maybe you will be inspired to start reading from the end of the book to the beginning...good luck with that!




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