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Project Photos Released: Softer Side of Mountain Living

March 18, 2015

We don’t have any mountains here in the Midwest, so it was a treat to create this ruggedly modern mountain residence in Utah’s Wasatch Range.

We don’t have any mountains here inthe Midwest, so it was a treat to create this ruggedly modern mountainresidence in Utah’s Wasatch Range.

Theselong-time clients gave us three basic goals: incorporate her favorite colorblue, provide plenty of seating and sleeping options (for 16!) and finish thewhole job tout-de-suit so they could move in and start playing.

The crisp,contemporary blues and ivories are an unexpected pleasure for a mountainsetting, a little like sky and snow playing opposite the “forest and mountains”of wood beams and stone fireplaces in this spacious townhome.

For more photos, visit our portfolio at As you click through the photo album look for the industrial-esque chandeliers climbing the stairway, the long-haired otto in the master bedroom and the hip, hide-on-hair pair of chairs in the family room. We had a lot of fun with this!

Susan Brunstrum
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