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September 27, 2017

I confess, I have a passion for petrified wood furnishings, and I’m not alone.

I confess, I have a passion for petrified wood furnishings, and I’m not alone. Lovers of natural materials have created a lot of interest in this fossilized material. For me, the raw look of petrified wood has a prehistoric quality, while the polished, marble-like finish is upscale enough to fit anywhere in a home. Petrified wood is sculptural, too, which resonates with my artistic side, while the subtle imperfections of each piece have wabi sabi appeal - the Japanese concept of embracing authenticity, passing of time and loving use.

Photo Courtesy of Architectural Digest

The term petrified comes from the Greek word for rock, “petros”, which is appropriate, because the wood, buried underground, literally turns to stone as it absorbs minerals from ground water over time. Impurities such as iron and copper can give each piece beautiful color, especially when polished, as in the countertop above. It is a stunning contrast for this white kitchen.

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Because of its unusual markings and irregular form, petrified wood is an attention-getter even on small items, such as these nesting tables above, or as an accessory on a console table, below.

Photo Courtesy of Sweet Peas Design

Each piece of petrified wood is unique. The free-form vessel sink below would be a traffic-stopper in a powder room – notice how the reflection gleams in the countertop.

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Recently we chose a pair of petrified wood accent tables, below, for a client whose home has a rustic yet transitional aesthetic. Very versatile!

Photo Courtesy of Sweet Peas Design

The rugged texture of this side table, below,  makes a big impact in the living room. It's as if someone just went out into the woods and cut a slice from a big tree that had fallen down. I like the pairing of the table with the hair-on-hide rug, too - another rustic accent! But that’s just my prehistoric passion talking…

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