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Our Favorite Antique Pieces

October 3, 2018

What's old is certainly new again! The revival of retro and vintage trends got our team talking about our favorite antique pieces in our homes.

“Grandma” trends in both fashion and design are everywhere! This concept sparked a team conversation about our favorite antique or vintage pieces.

For me, it’s my Nana’s oval Ironware serving bowl, once a fixture of her dining room table (almost always filled with her eponymous mashed potatoes), it now holds my invitations and thank you notes.

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Kelsey’s favorite is a chipped, faded coffee mug that belonged to her late father, and was given to her by his former secretary when she turned 18 – she now uses it to house her makeup brushes! It makes her smile and think of her dad as she’s getting ready every morning.

Alycia’s treasured piece is a wooden high chair, passed down through her family for several generations. It now sits in her dining room for her own children to use, with a bright new paint color to pop against her existing finishes.

Studio Brunstrum-Chicago-Interior Design-favorite-antiques

Lizzie loves her old rust-colored upholstered chair, which was once a set piece in her high school’s theatre company. It had a spot onstage in several plays she acted in, and when it was auctioned off last year, she knew she had to have it.

Studio Brunstrum-Chicago-Interior Design-favorite-antiques

Lauren’s favorite is a framed art print that her mom purchased when she was Lauren’s age. It hung in her apartment for years, then their family home. Now Lauren has it on her wall and thinks of her mom every time she sees it.

Cristina’s pieces are antiques handed down from her great-grandmother. She has a complete China set with gold detailing and a hand-painted coach and carriage motif, plus matching figurines that she displays in her China cabinet at home.

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