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A New Dialogue in Interior Design

December 19, 2019

Susan's musings on what 2020 will bring for the design industry and a new dialogue she's hoping is discussed.

In the past six months or so I have been reading, hearing, speaking on and participating in a new dialogue in interior design. Some of these words and conversations include:

• Diversity (Designers, Clients, Cultures and Interiors)
• Mindfulness
• Embracing Community
• Intersection
• Engagement (of People and Spaces)
• Convergence (Life, Work and Recreation)
• Individuality
• Anxiety Free and Craving Comfort
• Reinvention of Skills (Training, Technology, Education, Artisanship)
• Sense of Place and Narrative (Storytelling)
• Graciousness (Hospitable Living)
• Communal Sharing and Lending
• Emotional, Spiritual and Physical (all 3 are important to the interior and architecture of a home)

Look for more substantial definition on each in 2020!

Susan Brunstrum
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