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Moving: Does it stay or does it go?

December 5, 2018

I'm making moving simple- read the Moving Guide below for my hard-on-fast rules on deciding what stays and what goes during a move! No exceptions!

Keep Donate and Toss Boxes

 1. Think in terms of every item in your home being in one of three categories:

Keep (must have’s).


Toss (garbage).

If you are unsure then the item belongs in donate or toss category. It does NOT belong in the keep category. If you have not used an item in the past year, it belongs in the donate or toss category.

2. Make a list of all your MUST HAVE’s furnishings- those you want to take with you to your new home. Measure all your MUST HAVE’s furnishings including rugs, lamps and artwork.

Image Via: McDonald Jones Moving
Image Via: Life Storage

3. Create a floor plan per room of your new space/home using your MUST HAVE’s furnishings list. See what fits and what does not. If a piece does not fit, label it to donate or toss based on the condition it is in. Do NOT bring it with to your new home.

4. Next, go through each room in your home including your kitchen, garage, lower level and or storage unit. Open each closet, drawer and or box per room. Again, keep the same 3 categories in mind. Only this time, make 3 piles. Keep. Donate. Toss. Each item must be put in one pile. If you are unsure, then donate or toss, do NOT keep. Box and label the items immediately. Do not overthink your decisions. Remember, you are trying to lighten and have less than what you started with. LESS IS MORE when moving.

Image Via: Oz Moving
Image Via: Jason Taylor Moving

5. Gather all of your donate boxes and furnishings. Invite your friends and family over to see if they want anything. Call a not-for-profit to pick up the remaining items. Feel good about gifting your furnishings and items to someone who really needs them!

6. Gather all your toss boxes and furnishings and put them in the garbage or curbside for pick up.

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