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Monogamous Relationships

January 31, 2019

Are monogamous relationships still possible? Can they exist in the business world we live in today?

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Count the monogamous relationships in your life. How many do you have? I mean, really, have? You can’t include any of your Facebook friends, Snapchat “buddies”, Instagram followers or Linked In connections. Social media doesn’t count. Monogamous (one-on-one) relationships are on the decline in all aspects of life. Think about all those you connect with that provide an expertise and or a service in your life: your doctor, financial advisor, hair stylist, attorney, yoga instructor, interior designer, realtor, housekeeper, personal branding specialist, dog walker and even your babysitter. Consider this: You might be monogamous to them, but they most-likely are NOT monogamous to you.

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The best way to keep a relationship monogamous is to ask, “How can I help?” Your answers and solutions continually reinforce your experience and knowledge of the service you provide.

Those that you are collaborating with and working for (your clients) are doing so because they realize they have the financial wherewithal but not the time to accomplish the service you provide on their own and, they lack your expertise.

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Understanding what your client needs and what makes you different keeps clients wanting more. It also builds trust and respect and keeps the relationship healthy.

Susan Brunstrum
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