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Meet the Artist: Elizabeth Coyne

October 18, 2019

I recently met artist Elizabeth Coyne on a day trip to Harbor County, MI! Find out why I fell in love with her work below!

Last weekend, my friend Julie Anderson and I perused Harbor Country, MI spending a day in Sawyer, Union Pier, Lakeside, Harbert and Three Oaks. While I have been there at least four or five other times, this was a day of art, antiques, accessories and clothing shopping. We stopped at the Blue Moon Vintage Market, Judy Ferrara Gallery, Poppy Hill Vintage, Sojourn, Trilogy Antiques, One Oak Street, Alapash Home, Catalpa Antiques, Goods and Heroes, Judith Racht Gallery, Go Fish and Stockholm Objects. I bought “something” at many of these wonderful bespoke stores and galleries either for a client or for myself! The best part of the day? We met Elizabeth Coyne, a delightful artist whose studio is on the second floor of a building near Froelich’s new restaurant on the main street in Three Oaks. Elizabeth has been painting for over 35 years; her art is a contemplation on life and existence (her life and existence to be exact). While I was immediately drawn to her work, I did not immediately understand its significance. She incorporates a system of personal symbols throughout her work – storying the journey of her husband’s death and how she’s rebuilding her life. Once she pointed out the stem and explained more of her personal journey, I intuitively understood as it’s so similar to my own. I’m now the delightful new owner of six of her small black and white ink pieces that symbolize a path forward.

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