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It’s Magical – Floating Shelves

April 10, 2016

Floating shelves – the name alone sounds open and airy, and that’s why we often recommend them.

Floating shelves – the name alone sounds open and airy, and that’s why we often recommend them. Floating shelves look like they are attached to the wall magically, with no visible means of support such as brackets or braces. They can be whimsical or sophisticated, but always provide display space or storage without adding a lot of bulk to a home, whether it’s the living room, kitchen, office or bedroom. Shelves are always full of things anyway – books, accessories, dishes and glassware - so why not lighten the look and let them float in space? Floating shelves can be installed asymmetrically, which adds a lot of interest to a room, as below. The wood tone of these shelves provides light contrast to the dark walls, too, which amps up the architectural appeal.

Floating shelves are beautiful in kitchens too for storing large serving pieces or displaying a treasured collection of glass vessels. Even though the shelves below are installed in front of a window, they allow a lot of light to pour through.

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Shelf space was a must-have for this artist client and his two children, who also love to paint. When we updated their home in conjunction with NBC/LXTV's "George to the Rescue" show we chose sleek, industrial-esque floating shelves that don't distract us from any of the family's artwork.

Photo Courtesy of Sweet Peas Design

A pair of wooden floating shelves with a slender profile provide balance and contrast in this white kitchen, as well as easy access to frequently used dishes.

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In a living room or dining room a stack of floating shelves can draw the eye upward and provide space for artwork, as well as adding new dimension to the wall.

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Or, install a pair of shelves beneath a work of art in place of a buffet or sofa table, and fill it with souvenirs from your travels or any collection of objects.


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A floating shelf can help define an entryway – providing not only display space and a shelf for keys, but a cozy corner for a comfortable little stool and storage basket.

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If you’re getting the idea that floating shelves can work just about anywhere, you’re right! Any questions? You know where to find us.

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