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How Your Color Energy Impacts Your Home Design

March 6, 2019

Do you know what your color energy is? Understanding your own color energy can improve your spiritual balance - and determine what decisions you make in your interior design color palette.

Choosing a color scheme is one of the most vital decisions that goes into interior design. Color is a powerful tool that can subconsciously change our mood. Each color in the spectrum holds a different meaning and is thought to contain individual spiritual properties. Colors are also important for our internal energies- changing the way we see, think, and feel about the world around us. I believe that every person has a color energy that encompasses the aura of their true self. Understanding your own color energy can improve your spiritual balance. Find your own color energy below:

Image via Erika Interiors
Image via Studio Brunstrum

Brown: Brown encompasses every other color without becoming a color. Brown energy balances the masculine and feminine; it is the communication between male and female. Representing the ability to see and understand others, those with a brown energy excel in helping others. The color of the earth, brown emphasizes naturally beautiful and simplistic elements.

Image via Maria Killam
Image via Craftberry Bush

Black: Black, the absence of color, represents those that are formal, sophisticated, and sexy. With a slightly mysterious edge, black conveys the feelings of strength and power. Black provides a strong contrast to other colors – those with black energies help those with other colors stand out brighter than they would on their own.

Image via Studio Brunstrum
Image via My Domaine

White: White signifies grace and purity, representing faith, understanding, cleanliness, and goodness. Those with white energies find the beauty in all things, promoting feelings of beginnings and renewal. White has an uplifting effect on our psyche and can be used to start fresh.

Image via Studio Brunstrum
Image via Studio Brunstrum

Gray: Gray is the color of maturity. A neutral color, it plays well with others and has a balancing effect on those around it. Representing compromise, gray portrays protection and stabilization. Those with a gray energy are reliable and practical, while managing to remain elegantly simplistic.

Image via Oberto Gili
Image via Studio Brunstrum

Red: Red is known to be the most passionate color on the spectrum. Red energies are courageous, strong, and love deeply. They gain excitement from the world around them and like to attract the attention of others. Red has often been associated with luck and prosperity in Eastern cultures.

Image via Studio Brunstrum
Image via Greer Interior Design

Orange: Use orange to motivate. A welcoming and warm color, orange represents encouragement and enthusiasm. Those with orange energies tend to be extroverts and welcome others into their lives and environments without question.

Image via Studio Brunstrum
Image via Lonny

Yellow: Yellow- the stereotypical color of “happiness”. Yellow energies embody optimism, uplifting and illuminating those around them with success and confidence. Yellow helps to aid in the decision- making process, encouraging clear thinking and sense of self.

Image via Sarah Vaile Design
Image via Ken Faulk

Green: The color of life, green represents growth and prosperity. Associated with renewal and beginnings, green is refreshing and peaceful. Conjuring up images of nature and good health, those with green energies are restful and secure.

Image via Summer Thornton
Image via Studio Brunstrum

Blue: Blue represents tranquility. As the color of the water and sky, blue has a calming effect, instilling feelings of trust, peace, serenity, and loyalty. Those with blue energies are responsible in their deepest natures and are viewed as having great integrity and confidence by others.

Image via Taylor Howes
Image via Mark Cunningham

Purple: Purple is regarded as the most spiritual color; those with purple energies are self-aware, compassionate, and intuitive. Purple inspires reflection and connection. Long thought to be the color of royalty, purple represents luxury and quality.

Image via Sarah Vaile Design
Image via Studio Brunstrum

Pink: Pink defines the energy of a sensitive soul. Often thought to portray feminism, pink combines the passion and love of red, mixed with the purity and hope of white. Pink conveys a sensitive and nurturing soul, creating an environment that feels safe and loving.

After reading all the colors, what color energy are you? I am brown. My brown energy allows me to understand the essence of other’s colors and follow my intuition to aid in client’s decisions to create home environments that can be played in, dined in, slept in, loved in and lived in.

I believe you need many energy colors in a group or tribe to work well together and balance different personalities. The same is true in your home; use different colors throughout to affect your mood and improve your overall sense of well-being,  but have an underlying palette for continuity.

Susan Brunstrum
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