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How To: Make Your Home Sellable

May 31, 2019

Susan's tips and tricks for updates that will make your home sellable without breaking the bank!

Realtors and interior designers often are asked how to make a home the most sellable to prospective buyers, especially if your home is 15+ years old or has not been updated in a while. Often, making small tweaks and changes can dramatically impact the appeal of a home, but there are pitfalls and investments some sellers make that aren’t worth their time, money or effort as the changes won’t increase the price or look of the home enough for a return on their investment. Carefully consider the changes and as I like to say, “don’t put lipstick on a pig”! My fifteen+ years in the industry have allowed me to curate a list of tips and updates I’d suggest making to a home before you put it on the market and those I’d avoid making if you don’t absolutely have to.

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Worth It:

  • Changing the interior door hardware/hinges if they do not match throughout or are standard brass from the 80’s
  • Updating the light fixtures – ESPECIALLY flush mounts in the foyer and hallways
  • Adding or updating the vanity lights in your bathroom
  • Investing in backsplash tile for your kitchen
  • Freshening or changing your paint colors
  • Changing the exterior light fixtures – street presence is key!
  • Replacing cabinet hardware
  • Replacing, painting or staining the front door to welcome guests
  • Replacing interior doors if not solid core
  • Staining the hardwood floors throughout and don’t forget the stairs and handrails
  • Updating the fireplace mantle, surround, hearth and screen
  • Landscaping an upkept yard and garden
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Not Worth It:

  • Replacing the carpeting (unless it’s absolutely atrocious) – the new owner will likely change it anyways
  • Gutting the kitchen
  • Gutting the bathrooms- unless the master bath is an eyesore
  • Installing new cabinetry- -the new owner might use the space differently and want a different layout or configuration
  • Adding hardwood floors throughout
  • Installing wallpaper
  • Building out of the lower level or basement
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