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How To: Combine 2 Homes into 1

May 14, 2019

Moving in together can be tricky! Susan gives a designer's advice on how to successfully combine two homes into one!

Combining two homes into one is usually a project home owners try to tackle on their own. However, having a designer create floor plans and help blend two styles into one is crucial to this undertaking; determining what furniture will fit where before moving will pre-emptively eliminate ill-fitting and mis-matched furniture.

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First, have candid conversations about which furniture from each space must go to the new home, what furniture would be nice if it came to the new house, and what furniture you’re able to part with. Not every piece will make it into the new home; determining your “must-haves” up front will eliminate relationship tension. Often, one person wins out and has more of their furnishings used than the other – and it’s not always who you think it will be.

Next, have a discussion on color palette, style, and blending of existing pieces and parts. Having a designer give multiple layout options for the space can be key in figuring out which combinations work best for your new home. Having a third party identify and select new pieces that help blend both styles will create a more cohesive look overall.

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Often, we hear “we have so much individually that we won’t need to buy anything for the new space”. However, there are ALWAYS going to be holes to fill when you move to a new home. You may need different rug sizes or lamp sizes for different sized rooms. You may not have enough side tables for all of your pieces. It could be that you have a blank wall for artwork. Just because you’re condensing two spaces into one doesn’t mean you won’t need anything new. New pieces help to blend two homes into one; the new space needs a bit of yours, mine, and ours. Purchasing a few new pieces makes for a new relationship with some old memories.

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