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Holiday Gift Guide

December 11, 2018

A round-up of my favorite gifts to give during the holidays (or anytime)! Find the perfect item for anyone on your list below:

Coffee table books: Coffee table books make a great gift if you know the recipient well. It’s a personal gift that allows others to get to know the person when in their home and most often, not a purchase someone makes on their own.

Personalized thank you notes: I always think it is important to always write a handwritten thank you note to someone that has done something nice or has helped you in some way, but find I never buy stationary for myself! I always love getting personalized stationary as a gift, so I’ve started giving it as well!

Hand towels for your powder room or kitchen: Hand towels are always needed! I also love to switch mine up; having towels that others have gifted me always feel more special than those I pick out myself.

Beautiful soaps for the powder room and or hand lotion to keep by the sink: Make sure you know the recipient’s scent profile/preference! I always love getting beautiful soaps or lotions for others because it’s not an item they will often splurge on for themselves.

Trivets: This gift is more practical than anything else. One can never have enough trivets- especially during the holidays! I always find myself in need when I’m halfway through cooking for my guests!

Ear muffs and or a scarf: Always needed for blustery Chicago days! Winter accessories can get old if you wear the same ones everyday; I like to gift hats and scarves as cozy stocking-stuffers.

Airpods: I’ve been wanting a pair of cordless earbuds ever since I saw my son’s. If someone is looking to buy a gift for me- these are on my wishlist!

Games such as Jenga, Chicago Monopoly, Boggle, Yahtzee, Pictionary: Our family loves to play games when we gather for the holidays (probably because we are all so competitive)! Games make an excellent hostess gift if you’re staying with someone over the holidays- I can guarantee the game nights that ensue will be talked about for years to come- just ask our family friends the Zwarts!

A class to something they love: I love to gift classes (i.e. cooking classes, photography classes, painting classes, sailing lessons) to those on my list! I find that most of us are always saying we want to take lessons or learn how to do a new skill, but will never actually find time to sign up for ourselves. Gifting a class allows the recipient to do something they’ve always wanted and adds a personal touch!

Tickets to an event: I also love to gift tickets to an event to do together (sports game, concert, play, comedy show)! I find the memory becomes the true gift!

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