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Holey Cow: Perfect Perforations

November 17, 2015

Interior and fashion designers are punching holes in just about everything these days, from shoes, handbags and dresses to chairs, light fixtures, pillows and even accessories.

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Interior and fashion designers are punching holes in just about everything these days, from shoes, handbags and dresses to chairs, light fixtures, pillows and even accessories. I’m all in!

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Perforation or punching holes in any material, whether metal, fabric or leather adds an element of interesting texture and makes the item seem less dense and more light and airy. This trend is way different than the ragged, holey jeans we’ve been seeing for several years. These circles, squares, slits and rectangles are precision-punched, like the holes you make with a paper puncher, yet far more sophisticated and chic. I love perforated chandeliers as their light is magnified when the fixture is turned on and the little circles and squares are reflected on the ceiling and other surfaces in eye-catching patterns. One more layer added to the room…

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Remember - perforated pieces are best as accents- don’t overdo.

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