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Hexagon Hype

April 20, 2016

One of nature’s most beautiful shapes is the hexagon, and no, we’re not talking about stop signs!

One of nature’s most beautiful shapes is the hexagon, and no, we’re not talking about stop signs!  Look around and you can find hexagons in snow flakes, diamond crystals, honeycombs, quartz crystals, turtle shells and basalt columns, which are more striking than you might imagine!Photo Courtesy of

Of course whenever interior designers come across beauty and symmetry as perfect as these six-sided polygons wewant to bring it home to our clients in the form of wallpaper, a side table, light fixtures and tile. Did you know that in feng shui hexagons can signify higher wisdom and are often used in religious spaces to bring peace and calmness? We think it works in this dining room too. The elegant hexagonal chandelier is simple, sophisticated and quiet.

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Depending on the color and vibrancy, hexes can be energizing too, as you can see in this cheerful powder room. Bright and bold, the honey-comb pattern is an eye-opener.

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Sometimes just a little “hex” does the job. We think these cute little side tables are working double time - providing interesting geometry in the room and a stylish surface for a cell phone, iPad and beverage.

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Of course, bathrooms are a classic spot for hexagonal tile floors and walls. Don’t you love the simplicity of this blue and white bathroom? Because the sides of a regular hexagon are all the same length and all vertices have the same angle they can fit together without gaps. That honeycomb pattern is called “tessellation,” if you want to impress your friends with your geometrical savvy!

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And speaking of honeycombs, let’s not forget the sweetest hexagons of all – I think of them whenever I spoon a little honey into my tea or drizzle a little on a peanut butter sandwich.

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