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Firm Philosophy

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Lifestyle and Interior Design Expertise Creates Award-Winning Outcomes

Studio Brunstrum creates environments where clients can live the life that they imagined. We want your home to be both a source of creative inspiration and contentment - a place where you can be entirely yourself and that you can enjoy with others. To achieve this, we embrace life’s little imperfections to create livable, comfortable interiors.

Understanding where each client stands in life’s journey, be it partnered, expecting a house full of children or making a sudden or planned transition, is our springboard.  A Studio Brunstrum interior will tell the story of not only where you have been but where you are going, with design that is carefully cultivated and layered with the things that you love. 

Contrasts, creative tension and texture are combined with originality to form a cohesive, beautiful whole.  At Studio Brunstrum, we believe that good design is born of a partnership between client needs and essential design principles, and that we have succeeded when our clients feel that they have truly come home.

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Design Philosophy

Combining the tried-and-true can create predictable beauty; combining the unusual can create astonishing treasures.  At Studio Brunstrum, we embrace both the classic and the unexpected to compose a cultivated environment that invites you to explore the pieces that make the whole.  For interiors, this translates into a home that seamlessly holds your cherished antiques as well as your recent new finds.  Design that looks at ease but is, in fact, meticulously considered.  

Both Studio Brunstrum interior and product designs are distinguished by original juxtapositions – weathered metals with clear acrylic, texture with sleek lacquer, natural woods with gleaming glass – to provide a captivating, layered aesthetic. Studio Brunstrum designs don’t shout; they attract confidently with a whisper.  And they always leave room for the essential element in your home – you.


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Principal | Founder

As founder of Studio Brunstrum, Susan combines her marketing and business acumen with her love of art and creativity. Her master’s degree in advertising from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, was earned while she continuously took classes in art history, drawing and design. Susan eventually parlayed her advertising background into corporate marketing and even led her own marketing/communications firm before discovering her true calling – design. From a one-woman, home-based business, Susan nurtured Studio Brunstrum into an award-winning firm with a team that shares her passion for catering to a discerning clientele. She spreads her enthusiasm for design as an active participant in the design community and as an on-air contributor. When not working, you will find Susan spending time with her two adult children or seeking creative inspiration in fashion magazines, art and travel.

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Director of Business | Marketing

As Director of Business, Kelsey manages all financial and business processes, including banking, invoicing, accounting, payroll, HR and legal for Studio Brunstrum. As Director of Marketing, Kelsey also manages business development, social media, advertising, and marketing strategy. She graduated from Indiana University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business with majors in both Marketing and Sales. Her early career was spent at fashion retailer Abercrombie and Fitch in Columbus, Ohio, where she managed a multimillion dollar sales effort as an Associate Merchant. Her strategic mindset, coupled with her love for design and fashion, allows her to vacillate between her left-brain and right-brain job responsibilities at the office. Born and raised in Chicago, Kelsey is delighted to be back in her hometown closer to family, friends, and her favorite sports teams.

Cristina Pencil Sketch Portrait

Office | Procurement Manager

Cristina understands procurement and office management from both the inside and out. She has worked in-house for a contractor, vendor and at an interior design firm. At Studio Brunstrum, Cristina is responsible for keeping the buying and fulfillment side of the business in order.  She purchases all furnishings, materials and services required by the design team, coordinating delivery schedules and following up with vendors. She is also responsible for the day-to-day management of the office at Studio Brunstrum. Her position is perfect for her, as she started her career seeking a profession that leveraged her strengths in organization, mathematics and attention to detail and included her passion for creative minds and culture.  Cristina indulges her interest in the arts by listening to late night jazz, discovering little-known artists, experiencing cultural events and exploring writing, dance, music, canvas and design.  Her cultural curiosity was sparked by a diverse family background that includes Mexican, German, Bohemian and French. She is a life-long Chicagoan and lives in the city with her son.

Senior Designer | Project Manager

Having been born and raised in Chicago, it’s easy to be inspired by architecture and creativity. After attending Columbia College for Broadcast Journalism Miles surrounded himself with creative and design professionals, realizing that pursuing a career in the design industry was his destiny. Miles comes to Studio Brunstrum as Senior Designer | Project Manager with over 15 years of experience ranging from custom home furnishings sales and showroom management to project collaborations including hospitality and residential Design. Having designed public spaces, urban residences and weekend getaways he brings an extensive knowledge of space planning, furniture design and customization to the process as well as a passion for color and texture. Miles feels strongly that attention to detail is the catalyst to good design. Providing a comprehensive experience from conception through installation is what he thrives on, making the process fun and interactive along the way. Miles spends his spare time renovating a 110-year-old home in Chicago with his partner, who is also a creative, trying to satisfy a travel bug along the way. Entertaining is a passion for them both, opening their home to friends and family along with their two dogs…sisters Chloe & Wilhelmina.

Junior Designer | Project Manager

Born and raised in New Orleans, Patti developed a keen eye for detail at an early age. As the daughter of an interior designer (mother) and avid art collector (father), she grew up in a world of color, texture and ever-evolving decor. Patti graduated from Trinity College in Connecticut with a BA in Art History. Her professional journey began six years ago in PR and communications, where she focused on business and brand strategy for clients in the interior design and architecture industry, while simultaneously serving as Director of Communications for the Design Leadership Network. After three years in NYC, Patti moved to Chicago and took on the position of Project Coordinator for Waterworks, managing bathroom and kitchen projects. Her broad experience and passion for art and design bring a unique perspective to her role as Junior Designer at Studio Brunstrum. Her days at the studio showcase her ability to multi-task, as she manages both design and scheduling aspects for client projects. Being away from her native New Orleans, Patti cherishes vacation time with family, and in her free time enjoys painting, and continuously tweaking her cozy studio apartment in the Gold Coast.


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