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Collaborating With an Interior Designer

July 5, 2018

Choosing an interior designer to help you create your dream home is no small task. The best relationships between designer and client should consist of mutual trust, respect and communication.

Did you know that designing and decorating the interior of your home is oftentimes the second largest purchase you will make in your life, only preceded by the purchase of your house? And with the endless wealth of information on the internet, home renovation TV shows and social media, designing or refreshing the interior of your home is more of an overwhelming process than ever before.

The right interior designer can help you make the decisions needed in a timely manner while creating a home you truly love – and saving you from costly mistakes.

However, no designer is the perfect fit for everyone. It is important to interview a few to find the best partner for your individual needs, project scope, time frame and expectation for investment.

The best possible relationship between a designer and client consists of mutual trust, respect and communication.


Designing your home is a uniquely personal endeavor, and you should work with someone who makes you feel heard and understood during the entire project. An open dialogue is a must and a rich exchange of ideas is beneficial to both. Remember, you live in your home. It should be everything you want and no more than you need.


As every decision is a personal one, it’s important to partner with a designer who will protect your time and investment, take all your ideas into consideration, and advocate on your behalf with vendors, contractors and other service providers.


Mutual respect between the client and the designer is crucial. A designer should appreciate and value your input to better align their insight and expertise with your vision for your home.

Sharing a level of compatibility in style is also instrumental to the success of your project. So, be sure to thoroughly examine a designer’s portfolio.

Want to know more about how to best collaborate with an interior designer to create the home of your dreams? Check out our Designer Insights video for more insight information!

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