Climbing The Wall…Garden, That Is

June 17, 2015

When I first spotted wall gardens in restaurants I was so intrigued – talk about natural, beautiful, organic décor!

When I first spotted wall gardens in restaurants I was so intrigued –talk about natural, beautiful, organic  décor! This trend hits all the“green” buttons among environmentally savvy designers, gardeners and architects.                  Photo Courtesy of

Now I’m seeing a small but growing number of people bringing these “living walls” home, either as a unique piece of art inside or as a creative new element in their outdoor gardens. These installations definitely earn my vote for their unusual beauty and environmental cred.

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Whether inside or out, vertical wall gardens offer a number of benefits. Indoor plants help purify the air, and bringing a bit of nature inside makes our homes more relaxing, peaceful and pretty! Consider creating a vertical herb garden for a sunny kitchen wall – I love the smell of fresh herbs! - or a flower garden in a sun room.

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Outdoor living walls have a cooling effect, absorb sound and provide a natural habitat for birds, butterflies and bees.

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To get started you can find many living wall kits and specially designed structures available at your favorite garden center or online. Maybe it’s time to go vertical!

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