Old Town Art Fair 2019

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2018 Design Trends That Are No Longer Relevant

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Holiday Decorating

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SOFA 2018: Artist Round Up

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Our Favorite Antique Pieces

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Trend Alert: Upholstered Headboards

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Add subtle sophistication to your master suite with an upholstered headboard!

Upholstered headboards are perfect for smaller rooms as they can be bolted to the wall and don’t require your bed to have a footboard, saving precious space. If you just want to update your bedroom but not buy all new furniture, an upholstered headboard adds variety and texture to matchy-matchy dresser(s) and nightstand(s).

Selecting the right fabric, faux leather or leather is important. Don’t forget to have your headboard stain protected as it will come in contact nightly with natural hair oils!

Here are a few we love:

Top, left to right: Ferrell Mittman Loft HeadboardCentury Lafayette Upholstered HeadboardChristopher and Guy Tableau Headboard 

Bottom, left to right: Oomph Charleston HeadboardFerrell Mittman Jane HeadboardKravet Lee Jofa Lucille Headboard

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Best Bathroom Trends for 2018

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For most people, the master bathroom is the most important room in a home after a kitchen. As the hustle and bustle of our world continues to get faster, the need for a relaxing sanctuary to retreat to at the beginning and end of each day has become even more important. So, what’s hot and what are people most wanting to incorporate in their master bathrooms? We’ve been seeing six big trends.

Image via Gil Walsh Interiors

Wet Rooms

Wet bathrooms were initially Japanese in design, are currently found throughout Europe and they have been gaining popularity in US hotels. And now, they have caught on in high end residential bathrooms.  A wet room offers a spa-like feel that marries functionality with luxury. They require less cleaning, make the bathroom appear larger, allow for more relaxation and are a bit more minimalist and contemporary in style.

But what exactly is a wet room? A wet room does away with an enclosed shower and step up into the shower (otherwise known as the threshold) and incorporates the entire bathroom, or a large portion of it, including the tub and or sink area. The floor will have a gradient or slope to a central drain. The entire bathroom is designed with materials that can get wet.

Image via Sweet Peas Design

No Tub

It’s no longer necessary for a master bathroom to have a bathtub. If you are short on space or you only “tub” occasionally, enlarge your shower instead! If you do choose to include a tub in your bathroom, a free-standing soaking tub is preferable to a built in tub as it is easier to get in and out of and takes up less space in the bathroom.

Image via Classy Clutter

Curvaceous Tiles

More organic and feminine shapes are taking the place of the hard, stark modern lines that have dominated bathroom design for many years.  Tile patterns that are more curvaceous and intricate in their design. Patterns such as these were previously cost-prohibitive, but many tile manufacturers have added a waterjet cutting machine to their capabilities so more tightly nested patterns are possible in a wide variety of materials such as stone, porcelain and glass.

Image via Sweet Peas Design

Spa-like Means Different Things to Different People

For a long time, when one spoke of a “spa-like” bathroom it meant cool colors, clean lines and modern fixtures. Now “spa-like” means exceptionally personalized. Whether that means clean and sophisticated, or warm and organic, it’s whatever is most relaxing and homey to you.

Image via Kohler


As the rise of home-based technology surges, even bathrooms are becoming high-tech! We’ve been seeing a big increase in technologically advanced bathroom furnishings, such as heated floors, speaker systems, voice controlled faucets, mirrors, tubs and toilets, and even luxuries like a flotation tub or a self-cleaning toilet.

Image via The Sweetest Occasion

Black and Gold

Amp up your bathroom sophistication with matte black plumbing finishes from Brizo and Rohl and gold finishes for lighting, cabinet hardware and or plumbing fixtures also!

What bathroom trends are you loving this year?

How to Curate the Perfect Art Collection

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Curating a personal art collection is the best way to accessorize your home. Below are six tips to keep in mind when searching for the perfect pieces to build your own art collection.

Consider the emotion and atmosphere.

Choosing art for your home is more than just picking a color scheme or finding a painting that complements your drapes. Think about what mood and atmosphere you want to set in your space. If you’re choosing a piece for your home office or library, you’ll want something calming and serene, or that encourages creativity. If you’re buying artwork for a key entertaining area, pick something bolder and bigger that evokes passion and starts a conversation.

Presentation is everything.

The right framing and matting can make or break a piece of art. Don’t just settle for any old frame, take your new piece to a professional framer. And don’t just stick with whatever frame the piece came in. While the artist may have chosen that frame to complement their work, it’s important to find the right frame that fits in your space.

If it calls your name, get it.

If you feel totally drawn in by a piece of art and find yourself walking past it over and over, take it home with you! Even if you don’t think you have space for it, buy it and figure it out later. Good art should evoke strong emotions or memories, so if you’re that drawn to a piece, don’t pass it up.

Where to find art:

There are tons of great places to discover new artwork that speaks to you. Take time to explore galleries, art shows and fairs, exhibitions, conclaves and studios. Build relationships with artists and studio curators to learn about new pieces early.

Another great place to buy art is on your travels. It’s the perfect way to commemorate special occasions and take a bit of the culture home with you.

When buying art, always take a photo of yourself with the artist and the piece you bought, if the artist is available. Then save the photo with your receipt and place a copy on the back of the piece. This helps to verify authenticity, as well as providing a nice memento.

Don’t limit yourself.

Don’t think that you have to stick to one color scheme, artist, medium, or style. Choosing artwork that you truly love will serve you much better in the years to come, rather than choosing a few pieces just because they go together or because someone told you a particular artist is the next big thing.

And don’t forget, art isn’t just for your walls. Explore other mediums like sculpture, mixed media or fiber arts. Display pieces on shelves or pedestals or even free standing. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your collection.

Don’t rush it.

Curating a collection is something that should be layered and explored over years, not something you can accomplish in a weekend. Take your time, find pieces that really speak to you, and don’t rush into any decision. It’s better to have blank walls than to settle for boring, basic pieces that you can find anywhere.

It’s important to note that your art style may change over time. Something you loved at the age of 25 may feel completely foreign to you at the age of 50. Allow your collection to evolve as you go through the seasons of your life. If something feels stale, don’t keep it around just for old time’s sake. Find a piece that you love now to replace it!

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Our Favorite Gold Cabinet Hardware

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In our 2018 kitchen trends post, we mentioned that gold cabinet hardware is hot! Not the goldy-brass of the 80s and 90s, but warmer softer gold hues. Gold “everything” is having a major moment, but don’t forget about copper and rose gold, as those metals are also on trend.

Today we’re sharing some of our favorite gold cabinet pulls and knobs that will instantly elevate your kitchen or bathroom to star status.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

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Top Kitchen Trends for 2018

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With a new year comes new home design trends. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, it only makes sense that it could use some updating. Here are a few favorite kitchen trends that are about to hit the big time in 2018.

Photo via Elle Decor

Brass and gold are making a comeback.

From cabinet hardware to faucets and plumbing fixtures, brass and gold are back in a major way. The past several years have been mostly dominated by chrome and stainless steel everything, but adding a softer, warmer touch with gold fixtures is the way to go in 2018.

Pendants are out, statement lighting is in

For those looking to be a bit bolder this year, the next big thing in kitchen lighting is a little glitz and glam. Chandelettes – as in, mini chandeliers – are all the rage hanging over kitchen islands and dining room tables alike. While the decadence may sound way too 90s, there are many modern, understated and elegant options to choose from.

Embrace the darkness

While bright, white, Scandinavian kitchens have dominated the design scene for the last several years, we’re starting to see a trend toward the darker and more dramatic. Matte black appliances are all the rage, and cabinets are cropping up in an array of dark hues, from black and navy to charcoal and hunter green.

Image via Mak Interiors

A ‘splash of color

Backsplashes are no longer meant to blend in or complement their surroundings. More and more designers are opting to make tiled backsplashes the main focal point of the kitchen. From bold colors and patterns to textural and sculptural tiles, add a bit of flair to your space with daring tile selections.

Watch my latest appearance on Business First AM to hear more about what’s in and what’s out this year for kitchens!

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