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Another Winner – Ask Susan

February 29, 2016

Congratulations to this month’s winner of the Ask Susan mini-consult, and thanks to everyone who responded!

Congratulations to this month’s winner of the Ask Susan mini-consult, and thanks to everyone who responded. Each month we invite anyone who has a design problem to submit a request for help to the Sweet Peas Design team and we will select one project for a “virtual” online consultation. This month our winner is a career woman, wife and mother of two grown children. She told us she would like some help with a “plain vanilla” bedroom.

All Photos Courtesy of Ask Susan winner

“I want to add some life to our guest room with beautiful photos that our daughter took during her year of studying abroad in Chile. I’m not sure how to do this in a small room and make it look right. Can you advise me about the number of photos, where to hang them, what size to make them and what type of frame to use?” Senior designer Beth Kweton responded to the challenge! Here are her ideas: First - the photos your daughter took are stunning – we can see why you want to spotlight them in your guest room!

After reviewing the photos of the guest room I would recommend displaying your daughter’s photos on the long blank wall opposite the window wall.

Select six or eight of your favorites – I know it will be tough! -  to display in two equal horizontal rows  of three or four each. In other words, one row on top of the other. I would enlarge the photos to 10- x 13-inches, and I would highly recommend going to a professional photo processing service for the best results. This photo size will create a strong visual impact and help tell the story of your daughter’s adventures in Chile.  Be sure to ask the processor to use a matte finish rather than glossy. After studying the bedroom and the colors in the photos  I would suggest using simple wood frames, no wider than one inch, with two-inch mats in a soft white that would pop the photos but not take distract from them. Here’s a tip – Before you make any holes in your walls cut out 8 paper templates in the finished size of the framed photos, which would be 19- x 16-inches in this case. Attach them to the wall in two rows of three and then two rows of four to determine which grouping you prefer. Be sure to use an easily removable adhesive!  Your guest bedroom will be transformed from “plain vanilla” to “banana split,” and you will have a photo gallery of places and events that are significant to your daughter.

One final idea - You may want to create an album with the remaining photos as your guests will surely want to investigate more images of Chilean scenery and culture. Let us know how it works out. We would love to see photos of your finished room!

Have a design problem? Contact Ask Susan! Each month I will choose one space for a “virtual” mini-consultation with the Sweet Peas Design team via this blog, featuring your photos, name and address withheld. Email photos to and include a short description of the room, what you want to accomplish and a little about your lifestyle. Do you have young children? Are you empty nesters? Entertain a lot? Looking forward to hearing from you!

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