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2018 Design Trends That Are No Longer Relevant

February 1, 2019

Some design trends come and go all too quickly and others hang on for far too long. Here are five that will no longer be relevant in 2019.

Images via: BDG&C, Fine Concepts

1. Industrial Kitchens– Unless you are a professional chef, it is time to retire this trend. Along with cage lighting, exposed pipes and beams and of course, Edison bulbs. Look for deep hued kitchens- dark greens, blues, black and walnut stained woodwork. Switch the metals from polished or brushed chrome and stainless to gold or soft gold metals. Or mix and match metals!

Images via: Suzanne Kasler, Studio Brunstrum

2. Gallery Walls– A wall full of art and photos in little frames can be too much and become overlooked. If you must have a gallery wall of family photos, make sure it is in a private part of      your home. Make an impression with one large piece of colorful art instead!

Images via: Amelia Carter Ltd., Studio Brunstrum

3. Cool Gray Everywhere– This is a trend that has been around long past its expiration. When a color becomes the IT color for home staging, it has lost its exuberance. Gray will continue to be a wonderful neutral but only if it is warmer and bold colors surround it.

Images via: Design Sponge, Greta Hollar

4. BoHo Look– The BoHo style is definitely more of a millennial trend vs. a Baby Boomer trend (we’ve lived through it before) that is on its way out. Think Moroccan lanterns, fake succulents, macramé wall hangings, fiber art, kilim rugs and batik pillows. It reminds me of camels, hippies and the mom, Kelly Preston in the movie” What A Girl Wants”.

Images via: Decoist, Essential Home

5. Overly Designed One Look Spaces– If you like Mid-Century Modern, great, but a whole home of just one style or one color or wood finish is ho-hum boring. For a more personalized and authentic home mix styles, patterns, colors, finishes and metals.

Susan Brunstrum
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